State of play: Software is everyware

The language of software development has seeped into the everyday business lexicon. Indeed organisations of all sorts, far beyond ‘pure’ IT, need to pay attention to software development. The connected mobile workforce, the potential of analysing big data sets, agile Read more ›

Visiting the augmented doctor

With its ability to ingest huge amounts of unstructured data and to see patterns, IBM’s Watson machine learning platform has the potential to revolutionise medicine. Here’s a question: what won a million dollars on a US quiz show, can dream Read more ›

Why commitment really matters

Management has an interdependent dynamic relationship with the organisation its people and the stakeholder community around them. It might sound like common sense to acknowledge this, but in my experience, few people working in management know their key stakeholders and Read more ›

Gartner’s hype cycle turned upside down to assess Brexit

Brexit will hurt, but less than predicted once we reach the Plateau of Pragmatism Gartner veep and fellow Mark Raskino has applied the analyst firm’s famed Hype Cycle to Brexit. Gartner’s Hype Cycle plots technologies’ fortunes, asserting that after birth Read more ›

One minute enterprise architecture

Real enterprise architecture practices don’t really reflect the ‘spirit’ of EA frameworks and proposes an alternative terminology. Presently the notion of enterprise architecture (EA) is closely associated with EA frameworks. However, my analysis shows that real EA practices resemble neither Read more ›

Musings on IT strategy

IT strategy is more about problem solving than about the adoption of new technologies. A new CIO, a new broom… Which modern CIO wouldn’t want ‘The new way to work together’ as promised by SharePoint1? After all, SharePoint has benefits Read more ›

The ever-learning IT leader – why CIOs must be open to new ideas

 The past decade of business IT has been characterised by constant change. From consumerisation to cloud, CIOs have had to contend with a range of new trends and challenges. The next decade will be characterised by more change. In fact, Read more ›

Who are you?

  A question in a past CISA examination was along the lines of ‘what is the biggest threat presented by single sign-on?’ The answer, of course, was ‘maximum exposure if the sign-on credentials are compromised’ and herein lies the question Read more ›